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It has been a requirement lately that the businesses require single instance cleaning or one-time deep cleaning services. Such a cleaning might include any number of tasks and reasons. Single instance services require flexibility to meet client demands. Furthermore, experienced cleaning technicians will make a smooth project.

Single instance cleanings are often short notice requests for housekeeping team providers. One-time services are provided by some cleaning companies. Some do not provide the same. Thus, when you contact a cleaning company, ensure this is a core service provided.

Single Instance Cleaning Examples

Temporary cleaning needs can vary depending upon building or industry. Contacting a cleaning company can save you and your staff valuable time and dollars. Likewise, certain products and so-lutions are better provided by experienced companies. What are some single instance cleaning sce-narios? Note the following:

  • Office & Business Moves: Single instance cleanings are needed for office moves both in and out.
  • White Glove Cleanings: Offices, medical offices, retail spaces, and the like require deep cleaning services.
  • Retail Store Events: Special events and promotions can prompt single instance cleaning needs. New store openings are another reason.
  • Event Cleaning: Various events from seminars to office parties can prompt one-time cleaning requirements.
  • Compliance Factors: Day care centres, child learning centres, or medical environments often request one-time cleanings for compliance constraints.
  • Construction: New construction or remodelling can prompt one-time cleanings. In addition, nearby construction can cause passive dust and debris that may require a cleanup.
  • Data Centres, Server Rooms, & Technology Closets: Rooms housing technology equip-ment both small and large require cleaning to protect sensitive equipment. Technology environ-ments often require a regular cleaning schedule. Conversely, one-time cleanings can suffice.

Needed Information For A Proposal

Detailed information is important to assist a smooth cleaning project. More the information the better, it is!

Here are some pieces of information to consider providing:

  • Logistics: What are your building access windows? What is your parking availability? How much foot traffic will there be? Are there security constraints? Furthermore, will you need to be present?
  • Space Specifics: Square footage, types of flooring, ceiling height, number of bathrooms and kitchens, quantities of glass and windows, etc. will drive the cleaning proposal. Likewise, fixture types and shelving can be important.
  • Site Visit vs Floor Plan: To build a proper proposal, a site visit may be required. However, well-taken pictures along with a floor plan and measurements can be adequate to create your esti-mate.
  • Tasks: Vacuuming, mopping, stain removal, dusting, sanitising and disinfecting, trash re-moval, and like tasks should be discussed and agreed upon. Furthermore, It’s important to describe those tasks that should be avoided.

MSG Facility – Single Instance Cleaning Capable!

MSG Facility is a full-service cleaning company. We provide a full suite of janitorial and commer-cial cleaning services, including single instance cleaning capabilities. Thus, if you require a single instance or deep cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Source: Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC



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