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by Msg Facility

Small Decencies

Our mantra in fm service delivery is small decencies lead to great experience. It’s our relentless focus on the minute details that help Us to deliver great customer experiences. This is the MSG difference.

At MSG we look at the detail, how can we make your workspace great. Small decencies also apply to our business ethics, our focus on little touches that make our people and our customers happier.

Boutique FM

As a boutique fm company we are clear on our vision and where we can Add value for our clients. This is our focus and we stick to it.

When a customer needs a great facilities management company to work with, we want them to think of MSG first.

Fully Engaged

We want our teams to smile. Not because they have to but because they want to. The result is that over 84% of our people would recommend MSG as a great place to work.

Great service is delivered by highly engaged people. We understand the link between an engaged workforce and delighted customers. We have some of the best engagement levels in our industry and indeed in business as a whole. We aim to be the facilities company that people want to work for.

Brilliant Basics

We all want to deliver great service but we don’t want to run before we can walk. Our brilliant basics programme is all about getting the fundamentals spot on so we can build on strong foundations.

Our brilliant basics programme is all about getting it exactly the right first time. By getting the basics right, we can then focus on the great ideas and innovations that set us apart, delivering exceptional service and great experiences.

Great Experiences

We believe that fm should be about delivering great experiences in the workplace. We listen to our clients and build our service around the customer journey every single time.

We all spend a lot of time in the workplace and it is our intention to make that experience as good as we can. Why? Well, it helps your business grow and thrive through supporting a great working environment. We achieve great experiences through focusing on the details, the things in the office that affect your day. By focussing on the detail we can fix it before you spot it ensuring your facilities don’t impact your performance.

FM Technology

We are not geeks but we love technology. From the MSG app to attendance systems, we use the best available tech to give you a real-time view of our service.

To develop this strategy we have implemented industry leading systems & processes right across the company. We have invested in technology systems that provide efficiencies to our operations And real-time information to our clients.

Great People

We’ve got a great team of people in the MSG family. We’ve attracted high calibre individuals who share our vision to build a better fm company. This becomes obvious to our clients.

Our people are the face of our business, the ambassadors who deliver great service to our clients. We have been able to attract the best talent into our business. We employ people with the right attitude and aptitude to work with us in delivering on our promises. People who share our values and our passion for excellence.


We don’t just want you to be satisfied with our fm service…we want you to be advocates of MSG. If you’re prepared to recommend us to someone else then we’re delivering the way we should.

The success of a business can be defined in many ways, but we have one very clear definition of what success looks like for us? We want our clients to unquestionably recommend us as a great supplier to use for facility services. It is this endorsement that will enable us to succeed but by being a primary aim of our business, it works as a guarantee to you that we will deliver on our Promises.

Right Size, The Right Fit

Your business is very important to us. Hence, we ensure that everyone we serve feels special. We want to be exceptional in our service delivery and understand that our clients expects the same.

As a medium-sized business, our scale means that our customers get the focus of our senior management team, who are intimately involved in the design of our service solution. We continue our involvement through the life of our contract which we believe adds real-value to the level of support you expect.

Promises Delivered

A promise is easily made but is hollow unless it is delivered. One of our core values is that we deliver on our promises and everyone in MSG is committed to this value.

We have a clear strategy from which we don’t divert. We are a facilities management company that focuses on delivering great service to our clients with high-quality facility space they really value. About MSG personnel vision pvt ltd – integrated facility management services (IFMS) MSG Facility is the undisputed leader in the areas of facility management, cleaning services, housekeeping services, building maintenance and payroll outsourcing. We are active in the industry for more than two decades now. Since its inception in 1989, MSG has strived to deliver the best-in class services in facility management and payroll outsourcing services to customers and has a Spectacular track record of success.

We work in pan india and provide facility management services comprising soft & hard services at locations like delhi/ncr, bengaluru, punjab (amritsar, ludhiana, chandigarh etc), rajasthan (jaipur, jodhpur, alwar etc), mumbai, kolkata, raipur (chattisgarh), indore (madhya pradesh), Hyderabad (telangana) and other locations.



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