Facade/ Glass Cleaning Services

The external appearance of your office building can be the window to your business. Your façade tells its own story about your business. The way it is designed and maintained can reveal quite a few things about how your business is conducted. If your façade is made of glass, the challenge of keeping it clean and dirt-free can be enormous because even the slightest sign of poor cleaning and maintenance get accentuated on a glass façade. You simply cannot expect to do façade-cleaning through in-house staff services because it is a specialized task involving customized tools and techniques.


MSG has been providing façade and glass cleaning services to companies and corporate entities for the past many years. Our track record in this domain is impressive because we specialize in façade and glass cleaning service and have trained and experienced glass cleaning team with years of experience under their belt. They are capable of tacking facades of all types, regardless of difficulty, height of the building or other challenges.

MSG is the preferred choice of companies and institutions looking for a safe and efficient façade and glass cleaning service. We place a lot of importance on safety and make sure that every single safety measure is in place before our professionals commence the glass cleaning process. We ensure our manpower is insured and aware of health and safety regulations. We use the latest façade and glass cleaning equipment and tools to deliver professional quality results in every endeavor.

Attention to detail is one of the key aspects of our façade and glass cleaning service. We do not cut corners and make sure that every hard-to-reach nook and corner is accessed and cleaned using our array of specialized cleaning tools. When we leave, you will have a sparkling clean façade that will look as if it has been just installed. We make sure that your office exteriors look just as impressive as your interiors.