Event Cleaning Services

MSG is a leading provider of cleaning services for events such as seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, corporate parties, conferences and others. We have the capability and the resources to handle cleaning of events, regardless of their scale and size. Our unrivaled experience in this domain makes us the most sought-after event management service for cleaning and associated tasks.We provide complete cleaning services before, during and after the event has been hosted. We have a very structured and systematic approach to cleaning at events because the approach needed here is vastly different from general housekeeping services. Our specialty in event housekeeping has helped us earn accounts of many major events over the past few years. We specialize in keeping the venue for events impeccably clean at all times by using our unmatched expertise in this domain.

The process:

  • Checking of the venue before the event
  • Planning in terms of deployment of manpower, material and machines
  • Deployment of staff and equipment before the event
  • Regular non-obtrusive cleaning through the event
  • Complete cleaning and disposal of debris after the event
  • Restoring the venue to its pre-event status

Our events cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning and priming the floors for events
  • Detailed cleaning and dusting of every surface
  • Touch-point cleaning for a dust-free environment
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of food preparation and serving areas
  • Cleaning of entry, exit and common areas
  • Cleaning and refreshing of washrooms
  • Facility cleaning to match demands

We make sure that all disposal of trash is done according to civic rules. As far as possible we adhere to the principles of recycling.
We provide the event services to stadiums, theaters, sports complexes and outdoor sites.